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Welcome to the MariaHuman4Ever Group!

:star: Welcome Maria Robotnik lovers! :star:

:rose: Introductions: :rose:

This is a place for all Maria Robotnik fans who prefer the original, human one better to gather! We welcome you to share your love towards the original Maria Robotnik through art, fanfics, stamps and etc!

P/S: This is not an anti-Maria the Hedgehog group. This group is made because most Maria fan clubs have HedgeMaria arts overpowering the human one. So I thought, why not make a group to enjoy only decent human Maria Robotnik fan arts and thus, this group was created.


:star: All type of art is allowed! Amazing isn't it? :star:

:bulletblue: Traditional artworks.
:bulletblue: Digital artworks.
:bulletblue: Fanfics, comics, GIFs, MMDs, etc.


:star: Objectives: :star:

:bulletpink: To appreciate the original, human Maria Robotnik art!
:bulletpink: To collect them in one place!
:bulletpink: To encourage you to draw one!
:bulletpink: To preserve and appreciate the REAL and TRUE Maria Robotnik!
:bulletpink: To share with everyone the love for the original Maria Robotnik!


:star: Join now, people! :star:

:bulletgreen: Just click the 'Join Group' button located in our front page in order to become a member!
:bulletgreen: Your permission to become a member will be automatically approved.
:bulletgreen: After you joined, please invite your friends who truly supports Maria in her true and original form.
:bulletgreen: Let's become a member rather than a watcher, okay? The more members, the merrier!


:star: Rules: :star:

:bulletred: Your works of Maria Hedgehog/ or any anthropomorphic form of Maria submission will be denied! Remember, this is the group created to only enjoy decent human Maria works.
:bulletred: No stealing other people's art. We do not want art thieves in our group!
:bulletred: We DO NOT accept traced MSPaint bases.
:bulletred: No trash talking and respect each other! Those who post vulgar language or harass any members here will be banned from this group.
:bulletred: If you don't like the idea of this group, leave this page immediately.
:bulletgreen: Only works of the original/ human Maria Robotnik will be accepted.
:bulletgreen: Yaoi/ Yuri/ Hentai and Genderbends can also be submitted here, as long as it follows DA's rules. Please filter it as mature content if your art is "mature".
:bulletgreen: MMDs and dolls made with dollmakers are fine, but we rather see some actual drawings rather than edits, thank you.


:star:Submission: :star:

:bulletorange: Go to our gallery…
:bulletorange: Please choose the correct folder according to your work.
:bulletorange: Click the + symbol and choose your deviation you want to submit.
:bulletorange: Please make sure to submit in the right folder, submission to the incorrect folder will be denied!
:bulletorange: The Feature folder is only for nice arts of Maria and only Admin can choose what to put in the folder.


Simple, right?
We'd love to have new members and arts! :D
And do enjoy your stay here.

:star: Any questions or problems, you can ask either: :star:

:rose: Eline-chan98
:rose: NatariSaru
:rose: The Admins

Or just leave a comment or note to this group.
Thank you~~ :heart: Love you!

Group Info

This group is to enjoy decent works of our beloved Maria Robotnik and also to support her in her original, human from.


So join us if you like this group and many thanks for visiting! ^.^
Founded 2 Years ago
Apr 12, 2012


200 Members
229 Watchers
12,333 Pageviews
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Hey y'all. Eline-chan98 here. Just wanted to say that our group's now two years old. And the contest is still HELD. :' DD

**Sorry for the delay of the contest but here are the suggestions from the previous journal;

Well, we could try the Couple thing I wanted, but as a contest this time. That, or come up with a Sonic Boom or Classic design (early 90s) design for her.

Yaay glad to be a member! :dummy:
A contest you say??? about....little maria first meet shadow?

congratulations :clap: I'm very happy to be a member of this amazing and lovely group <3
Maybe the theme should be something about Maria meeting other characters :3

Wow, this group really has come a long way! This was the first group I ever joined on DA, and I'm so happy that it's this popular! Hmmm, contest ideas.... Maybe something to do with spring or Easter?

**Which suggestions do you prefer the contest would be? If you have your OWN suggestion, please comment!
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:star: The Admins who run this group. :star:

We are the Admins of this group.
Any questions or problems, please feel free to ask us.

:rose: Thank you. :rose:




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:star: :bulletblue: Awesome groups who affiliated with our group! Do join them! :bulletblue: :star:


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Shannon369543 Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello,thank you for adding my maria art here,i will draw shadow the hedgehog this time with maria! ;D
Eline-chan98 Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww~~ Your welcome. : )

That's nice. Be sure to submit it in this group! \(^q^)/
Shannon369543 Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eline-chan98 Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What do you mean by how?
(1 Reply)
SAJ-Man Jan 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Okay, so I'd like to ask you a serious question. Oh, first off, I am guilty of drawing HedgeMaria more than the real Maria, (I was going to make up for that later on in life. I absolutely love Maria Robotnik the way she was born) and I am making a fan fic about HedgeMaria. However, I am not offended by anything you or anyone else has said about HedgeMaria and I am not trying to attack anyone that doesn't like HedgeMaria. I just legitimately want to know something.
If HedgeMaria had a different design from what you've already seen, an actual REASON for existing (beyond shipping her with Shadow), and if HedgeMaria had the same personality, values, and beliefs as the original Maria, would you still have major issues with her? If so, what would those issues be?
Barry-Rose Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We are not an Anti-HedgeMaria group, darling.
We are just here to appreciate the Real Human Maria in all the Hedgemaria stuff, okay?
We aren't a "hate-group" or something. We've got one or two drawings in here (I think) that are Anti
Deviations but that doesn't define our opinion.

As for myself, i don't really like HedgeMaria, but the other Mods have other opinions
SAJ-Man Jan 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Uh, I'm sorry, did you think I called you guys a Anti-HedgeMaria group? Because I didn't and I'm sorry if you got that impression. I don't think you guys are a hate group at all. I just thought that if I were to find a group of people that enjoyed the original Maria more than the HedgeMaria, I would find them here. That's all. I didn't mean to offend you or anyone else, I just wanted to know what it is about HedgeMaria that doesn't impress the fans that like Maria in her original form more. It's kind of like getting both sides of the story before moving forward, you understand. ^^

So, darling, if you don't mind, could you tell me what it is exactly that you personally dislike about HedgeMaria? :D
Eline-chan98 Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The anti-deviation are all put in the Favourites folder my friend. So far, there's only two stamps (that I made) that disagrees on "mobianified" Maria but that does not clarify any hate for the hedgehog, but just to support her in her original form. ^.^

And don't worry. I already deal with this guy. : )
Eline-chan98 Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still the same as I wrote to you in my rant.
SAJ-Man Jan 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Oh thanks. XD
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